Closing time!

Look at that it’s that time of year again. Closing time is coming up fast! Make sure to go check out the wing board to figure out what you need to do before you leave for the semester. Good luck on finals!

The Easter Bunny Is Here!

Its that time of year again where the Easter bunny stops by for a visit, and also depending on your religious beliefs the Resurrection of Jesus. Either way whatever your beliefs are this is a great time of year to overlook all the great things that have happened and what we have and to be thankful for all that we have! Its also a great time to spend with family and enjoy your extended weekend. So I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and got to enjoy it with whomever you choose doing which every religous practices you choose. I think its important to recognize this and even though everyone may not see eye to on things this is still a time where we can all be thankful for what we have and set our different beliefs aside. And how about that weather though, it was fantastic! Enjoy the candy everyone and happy Easter!

Campus Resources for time management

So pairing along with our scooby doo board if those tips and tricks arent enough to help you get through this last month of stressful times there are also a lot great resources on our very own campus here. All theses resources are labeled out and explains what each of them does and where you can go to get help for the specific task you are struggling with. If you have more questions feel free to talk to me or any of the other RA’s to get some help as well. Have a great rest of your semester guys and make sure to manage that time efficiently and effectively to finish this semester strong!

Time Management

It is coming to that time of the year when final projects start popping up and you get so much homework that you aren’t sure what to do and if you can even get it all done. Well dont fear go check out the middle board by the elevator. This board has tips and tricks and little things to help you get through some of the stressful times of school especially the end of the year stress when trying to get everything done. This will help with your time management skills and will make sure that you get everything done but making sure that you are staying healthy and getting everything you need.

Meme Board!

For all your meme needs come on over to six east and check out the meme board that is ever growing. We have a few to start us off but there will be more added weekly! So if you had a rough day or just need a laugh come check the meme board out!

Bugs are friends not enemies.

With the spring season almost here, the critters and bugs are starting to come out. Most people don’t like bugs but did you know that they’re super crucial to our environment? They help pollinate flowers and plants, they help aerate the soil and help things grow like crops and other plants. For more information to learn about why bugs are so important check out the website below. But for now enjoy your new door decs!

Health cooking options

Are you tired of eating on campus and are looking to spice up your weekly dining experience? Well then head out your door and check out the new croc pot board! There are recipes for different health dishes that you can make in your room easily in a croc pot, and there are extra copies so you can take them for yourself!

What did you do for break?

Everyone has something different to say or something exciting to share about there spring break. Some people may have gone on vacation and some others stayed home. No two stories are the same and they all have interesting details that separate themselves. Use this board to share with everyone your great stories!

Marvel movie night

Thanks to everyone who came to join us in 606 for the marvel movie night. We ended up watching Thor ragnarok. But in the future we can have another marvel movie night or we can switch it up and see which ever you would all prefer. Thanks again for coming and I hope you all enjoyed the movie!

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