Over 620 Eggs

Hope everyone enjoyed the surprise egg hunt this last Wednesday.  Basically all the eggs were found by 2:00 PM with the exception of the golden egg which was found around 4:00 PM behind the TV in the lounge.  Hopefully some of you took a chance to read some of the important environmental facts that were inside the eggs.

Rolling for the Win at Vegas Night

Last Wednesday day night was the porter “Night in Vegas” and was it a blast.  I know everyone who went from Southwest Hall found it spectacular.  I highly recommend this event to all students at UW-Platteville in the future as it is a great way to learn the rules of casino games in a much more relaxed setting so you know how to play the real games whenever you decide to wonder into a casino in the future.

Strive For Excellence

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A Great Place To Live

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Do I dare disturb the universe?

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