Heroic Pet Board

Hi everyone! Go and check out the new elevator board, and see all the heroic animals and what they did. And also if you email me I can put your heroic pets on the board as well so please email me pictures and info of your heroic pets!




Daily Dose of MEMES!!!

Hello! i hope everyone is enjoying the new meme board! Cause come on who doesn’t appreciate a good meme that will make you laugh. I am going to keep adding new memes that I find during the week, and will do my best to keep the board updated with fresh and spicy memes. Also if you would like to post your own memes that you find that is awesome as well! (Just make sure they are appropriate)


Proud RA board

Hi everyone. I hope you are having a great semester and things have started off well! I put this board up cause I don’t always see everyone but I would like to see and hear about what you guys are accomplishing throughout the semester. So i decided to put up the proud RA fridge so that you can all put up things such as tests, quizes, or for a simpler way to let me know whats going on you can just use the sticky notes and pen I put next to the fridge to write things down.


Tide Pod door decs

I hope everyone enjoys the new tide pod meme door decs. These ones are actually edible and wont kill you, but I don’t think you want to eat paper so I think you should just leave them on your door. More Spicy memes on the way!!!


Friday shreding the slopes!

On Friday afternoon and into the night me and Erik on 4 east teamed up to get a group to go ski and snowboard at chestnut mountain! Don’t worry me and Erik plan on teaming up again and making another trip! So if you weren’t able to make this one we will be going again hopefully in the next month.


Chinese winter door decs!

I hope you are enjoying the second week of classes and the new door decs! I thought it would be cool to have something like this for a door dec because it is always interesting to learn new things about other cultures. Now you can say you know how to spell winter in Chinese!


Things to do around Platteville

If you are boarded after class on a week day or are looking for something to do on a weekend with friends then go check out the board Morgan and I put up by the elevator. It is a board with some ideas for you to do if you are boarded and looking for something to go do around the town near Platteville.


Starting off the semester healthy

After the long break it can be hard to get back into the swing of the semester. So i decided to put up a health tip board to make sure that you start these good habits in the beginning of the year so that you continue to do them through out the semester. This will make for a healthy semester and a happier you.


Tell me about your break!

Hey everyone. I hope you are as excited as I am to be back! I thought it would be cool to see what everyone did on there winter break so i made the board so that you can all write about what you did and sign your name so other people can see what you did as well! I hope everyone had a wonderful break is ready to get back on the school grind and crush this next semester!


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