So you think you know your Roomate

So you think you know your Roomate was an awesome game created by the man the myth the legend Davis snook himself. At this event Ashley and Courtney represented 6 east and did a great job and ended up winning, congrats to you two. This was a great way for you to not only learn about your Roomate but to see how well they knew you as well and see how well you could think alike or how well you could think like the other person. I hope you all had fun because this event will be at our fnc in December, so hangout with your roommates and get to know them so you can win!


Help save the Lorax!

No not actual loraxs, but we wanted to use this same concept, but for the earth we live on today, which I think we can agree is pretty important. Going along with the popular children’s book Lorax, this board give you helpful and neat tips on how you can help the environment and little things you can do to save energy and also even save yourself some money, go check it out!

Hocus Pocus

Hi everyone, Incase you missed it on Halloween night in the MPR 6 east got together and watched Hocus Pocus to get in the Halloween spirit! There was also some festive coloring pages and popcorn. It’s been a long and stressful 8 weeks so activities like this are a great way to give yourself a break from the study and homework, and you get to hangout and meet new people. Thank you for those of you that came!

Trick or Treat!

In honor of Halloween I have put out some candy for you all to enjoy! Wether you are having a rough day and just want to enjoy some candy, or if you’re on the way to class in the morning and you need a little sugar boost to get you through that 8 am, swing on by my door and grab yourself a piece of candy! Get in the Halloween spirit, and Happy Halloween everyone! Who says you guys are too old to trick or treat!?

Breast Cancer Awareness

If you all didn’t know Oct is breast cancer awareness month. More than likely you know someone who is currently fighting or has fought breast cancer in the past. In honor of the woman who have fought and are currently fighting, and to raise awareness I decided to make some breast cancer ribbon door decs so that we can all show our support! I encourage you to do some more research on this topic, weather that is finding a charity or research program to donating to, or just medicating yourself on the subject by finding information online. Show your support!

Low budget Halloween party!

Thanks to Alex for hosting the low budget Halloween party. This was a super awesome event thanks to you all for bringing down your awesome costumes and showing off those killer fort nite dances for the tie breaker for third place.

S/O to Isaac, Courtney, and Ashley for bringing down those awesome costumes and saving money and using your resources that you have around your suite to make a low budget environmentally friendly costume!

Meme Wall

Are you having a bad day? Do you need a good laugh or something to cheer you up on your way out to class? Well then just take a quick peep at the meme wall. There are a variety of memes currently up that I will be adding to throughout the semester. So if you’re looking for some good clean wholesome memes then come check out the meme wall.

Identifying things about you

What’s up 6 east. We’re about half was through the semester and you can be dealing with a lot of different things such as happiness, sadness, anger and all different kinds of emotions. I found this board that I thought was useful for myself and I could see it also being very helpful for you all as well. This board will help you identify what kind of emotions you are feeling and kind of different ways to cheer yourself up or make you happy. Or if you are angry and having to deal with a situation this can help with that as well. Go check it out!

Condom information Board

Hi everyone. Are you protected? Do you know about safe condom use? Do you know where you can get free condoms? Well I have a solution for all these questions! Come check out the new board outside my door where you can find useful info and tips on condoms and also get them for free!

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