Pumpkin Pour

The foundry club was putting on an event where they pour molten metal into pumpkins to light them up! It was super cool and I had never gone before, but if you haven’t gone before I would highly recommend it. It is also a cool experience to learn a little more about foundry and what the process looks like, and how they heat up the metal to be able to pour it.



American Porter Story!

This weeks FNC was at Porter Hall and it wasn’t as scary as the publicity but it was defiantly a good time! They had all different kinds of snacks to go along with the Halloween theme. Along with the awesome snacks, you could paint mini pumpkins, play games and they also had a scary game where you stick your hand in the box and guess whats inside. I had a really fun time. Thanks Porter for the awesome FNC and thanks everyone for coming. S/O to Kasey Fisher (Rd of Porter for the awesome lifestyle shot).


Halloween door decs

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoy your new pumpkin door decs. Now everyone can get in the Halloween spirit! Also for some trick or treat candy stop by my door and grab a piece of candy out of the bucket! IMG_0412

Pizza with the Chancellor!!!

On Thursday night at 6:30 we had free pizza in the MPR! after eating the pizza at 7 o’clock the Chancellor showed up to meet some of the residents and to just chat with the students and allow allow them to ask him some questions so that they could learn more about what was going on around campus and why some things are a certain way. Some people had great questions about up and coming things to happen on campus and everyone got to learn more about the Chancellor on a professional level, but also on a personal level. I think everyone asked some great questions and I personal learned some new information about whats currently going on with the school system along with getting more info on changes around the campus like parking when they start building the new engineering building, along with other concerns like these. Thank you to everyone for coming, I hope you had a great time and got some valuable information!

Drunk Goggle Mario Kart!

Last night in the MPR officer Osborne came to talk to us about drinking and driving and why it is so important not to and some of the problems you can run into. He also talked about some other helping tips about drinking in general and what laws you will break and how you can avoid trouble and if you are already in trouble, how to stay out of more trouble. In the end it was a super fun talk and we learned a lot, but we also got to use the drunk goggles and play Mario kart! This was a good way to learn how alcohol can hinder you ability to do everyday tasks like driving, but we can experience it safely. This was super fun and the residents had a great time. I hope everyone enjoyed playing Mario kart and had a great time. Thank you to all the residents that came and represented 6 East!


Variety Show

Thursday night Becca, Aj, Autumn, and I participated in the variety show and tried to get Southwest Hall some homecoming points! Everyone was laughing either at us or with us be regardless we had a good time.


Yell Like Hell!

In case you missed Suite Forum last night. We all went to yell like hell to support the UWP soccer team and to get some homecoming points by cheering on the soccer team! Thank you to everyone who came! We are currently in 4th for homecoming points! If you can make it to other events please come, have some fun and get Southwest Hall some homecoming points!

Recycling Board!

Come check out the new recycling board! It has a bunch of fun facts and trivia questions, where you can lift up the page to reveal the answer! There is also is information to learn about the different numbers inside the recycling symbols. I encourage you to check it out and learn something new about recycling and plastics.


Peterson Farm Bro’s!!!

If you guys missed it Sunday night in velsey commons one of the Peterson farm brothers came to platteville to give a presentation about farming and agriculture. This was a great way for people who didn’t know much about farming to ask questions and also through there youtube parody videos you got to see around there farm and see what goes on. If you want to go check out the Peterson brothers different social media pages and look at there videos I have a picture which has all the links to there social media pages. Also thank you to the residents who did come I hope you had a great time and enjoyed the presentation!


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