Pumpkin Pour

The foundry club was putting on an event where they pour molten metal into pumpkins to light them up! It was super cool and I had never gone before, but if you haven’t gone before I would highly recommend it. It is also a cool experience to learn a little more about foundry and what the process looks like, and how they heat up the metal to be able to pour it.



American Porter Story!

This weeks FNC was at Porter Hall and it wasn’t as scary as the publicity but it was defiantly a good time! They had all different kinds of snacks to go along with the Halloween theme. Along with the awesome snacks, you could paint mini pumpkins, play games and they also had a scary game where you stick your hand in the box and guess whats inside. I had a really fun time. Thanks Porter for the awesome FNC and thanks everyone for coming. S/O to Kasey Fisher (Rd of Porter for the awesome lifestyle shot).


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