Thanksgiving door decs

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend and got to spend some time with your family and got to eat a lot of good food and of course got to have some turkey. I also hope you enjoy the thanksgiving themed door decs of pilgrim hats to remember our past and how they brought new traditions and how it changed how we celebrate thanks giving today.



Alpaca door decs

IMG_0511Due to a special request from some residents I made everyone some super hero alpaca door decs! I hope everyone enjoys the super hero alpacas and are ready for ginger bread house making next week Monday, December 4th, at 8pm in the MPR.

Whats your sign??

Hi everyone. Go and check out the new board by the elevator and learn more about your sign which can tell you about your identity and give you more information about what that sign means. It is super simple, you just need to find which symbol has your birthday in its range. For example my zodiac sign is cancer. Go and see what your sign is!


Painting with Bob Ross!!! 

On Thursday night Robyn and Rebecca hosted an event in the mpr where you got to follow along to a Bob Ross video and paint! Everything was supplied for you and it was a great time! Eventually they will be having another session so keep an eye out for that publicity. People said it was very relaxing and a nice way to distress after midterms. Also everyone that came said that it was super fun and had a great time! Thank you everyone who came and I like I said if you weren’t able to make it keep an eye out for publicity because there will be another one soon!

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