FNC Games

This last Friday night of the Friday Night Club held by ours truly, Southwest Hall.  With over 60 people playing dodge ball at the same time and 30 playing volleyball it was a great turnout.  Keep your eyes open for other great FNCs on campus.

Love Across the World

No country is the same.   Countries celebrate all sorts of different holidays in different ways so we thought we would show you how different countries celebrate valentines day.  Take a stop well waiting for the elevator and read the snippets of text to help expand your knowledge of countries around the world.

United We Stand

Last Sunday night was the United We Stand lecture.  An impactful speech from Monti Washington brought the crowd along on a journey and talked about several thing from his own life story to setting our own goals.  As a kid who started on the streets, homeless living in parks, the product of a one night stand, and a druggy mother, he told us a heart breaking story.  It is important to understand what makes us awesome and to not believe a story that we are told but to make our own story.

Strive For Excellence

UW-Platteville Summer Hall

Building Community One Click at a Time

Southwest Hall 1 West

See Our Community Grow

Southwest Hall 2 West

A Great Place To Live

Southwest Hall 2nd East

Do I dare disturb the universe?

Bridgeway Commons 4 West

Everyday is a Great Day to be a Pioneer