Alpaca door decs

IMG_0511Due to a special request from some residents I made everyone some super hero alpaca door decs! I hope everyone enjoys the super hero alpacas and are ready for ginger bread house making next week Monday, December 4th, at 8pm in the MPR.


American Porter Story!

This weeks FNC was at Porter Hall and it wasn’t as scary as the publicity but it was defiantly a good time! They had all different kinds of snacks to go along with the Halloween theme. Along with the awesome snacks, you could paint mini pumpkins, play games and they also had a scary game where you stick your hand in the box and guess whats inside. I had a really fun time. Thanks Porter for the awesome FNC and thanks everyone for coming. S/O to Kasey Fisher (Rd of Porter for the awesome lifestyle shot).


Halloween door decs

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoy your new pumpkin door decs. Now everyone can get in the Halloween spirit! Also for some trick or treat candy stop by my door and grab a piece of candy out of the bucket! IMG_0412

Yell Like Hell!

In case you missed Suite Forum last night. We all went to yell like hell to support the UWP soccer team and to get some homecoming points by cheering on the soccer team! Thank you to everyone who came! We are currently in 4th for homecoming points! If you can make it to other events please come, have some fun and get Southwest Hall some homecoming points!

Packer Game Party!

For those of you that didn’t know there was a packer game party in the MPR on Sunday night @ 7:30. There was some free food and the room was packed which was awesome. This would be an awesome event to do again sometime. If anyone is interested in going to this again come talk to me and i would love to put something together. Thanks to everyone that came!


Where are you?

Hello everyone. I hope you enjoy your new door decks. I thought this would be helpful for everyone to let people know where you are if someone is looking for you. I thought it would also be especially beneficial for me to have one so that if you have a question or need something from me you can figure out where i am at.



Saturday night in the student some of the Southwest staff and residents we to the student center to see the magician/ hypnotist show. Matt did some awesome magic tricks like swallowing a string and needles, and then pulling the string out with the needles tied to the string. He also did an awesome job interacting with the crowd and getting them involved as well. Thank you to everyone who came to the show, and i hope you all had a great time!

About Me Board

I wanted to make this board for my residents so that they would be able to get to know me better. Hopefully this will allow me to find common interests to create a connection with them, and also to help me connect with residents and get to know more about them and what they are interested in.


Animal Door Decs

Again going along with the Southwest State Fair theme, I made these animals for each of the residents. I tried to get a variety of animals that are at the state fair. If anyone prefers to have a different name on their door dec just let me know and I can change it for you.


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