Bring your own cup

Today Morgan and I decided to make some coffee for the lovely residents of southwest hall, and we had some coffee in the lobby so that people could easily walk down with there favorite mug or cup, to get some coffee before they went to class. Mike was also down there too enjoying some coffee with us and residents. I hope you all had a great Friday and enjoyed the coffee.



Minion Door Decs

Due to the popular demand and popularity of the minions, I thought it would be a good idea to makes some minion door decs, as some people on the wing were requesting Disney themed door decs and everyone loves minions so I thought this would be the perfect fit! I hope everyone enjoys there new minion door decs!


Game Night in the MPR

If you guys didn’t see or hear about it, we had a game night in the MPR after suite forum on Tuesday! It was a huge success. There was a ton of people there, a lot of people brought there own games and it was a great time! along with the games we also had snack. Also don’t forget that on Tuesday the 17th we are having another event called hot ones. We will have pop corn chicken and a selection of different hot sauces ranging from the standard hot sauce that you would see at a restaurant, to some of the hottest sauces you can get! I hope to see you there!


Fort Nite!

I hope everyone that came down got to enjoy some fort nite and learn how to play some fort nite! And don’t worry if you missed it we will be doing another one in the future!

Waffle olympics!

Thank you everyone who came down to waffle olympics! I hope you enjoyed watching the figure skating! Also I hope you all enjoyed the crispy golden waffles that we were making! It was nice to see everyone coming down and hanging out and spending time with each other. I’m sure we can do another event similar soon!

Proud RA board

Hi everyone. I hope you are having a great semester and things have started off well! I put this board up cause I don’t always see everyone but I would like to see and hear about what you guys are accomplishing throughout the semester. So i decided to put up the proud RA fridge so that you can all put up things such as tests, quizes, or for a simpler way to let me know whats going on you can just use the sticky notes and pen I put next to the fridge to write things down.


Tide Pod door decs

I hope everyone enjoys the new tide pod meme door decs. These ones are actually edible and wont kill you, but I don’t think you want to eat paper so I think you should just leave them on your door. More Spicy memes on the way!!!


Tell me about your break!

Hey everyone. I hope you are as excited as I am to be back! I thought it would be cool to see what everyone did on there winter break so i made the board so that you can all write about what you did and sign your name so other people can see what you did as well! I hope everyone had a wonderful break is ready to get back on the school grind and crush this next semester!


Alpaca door decs

IMG_0511Due to a special request from some residents I made everyone some super hero alpaca door decs! I hope everyone enjoys the super hero alpacas and are ready for ginger bread house making next week Monday, December 4th, at 8pm in the MPR.

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