Taste The World!!!

In case you missed it, this Friday we had our FNC and it was all about experiencing different foods from around the world! Each floor choose a different continent and prepared some dishes that were native to that area. For example, me and Morgan had Australia and we made some meet pies which are very common in Australia and New Zealand, along with some Australian day punch. Along with the food there were all kinds of facts about these different continents. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and I hope you enjoyed the food and got to learn more about different cultures! 31073243_1876070595770785_2397604775039336448_n.jpg


Woman’s History Month board

In honor of woman’s history month I put up a board that has some of the most influential woman and some more specific information about them so that you can learn what they did and you can see what a big impact they have made. I encourage you to go take a look at the board and learn some cool things about woman’s history.


Chinese winter door decs!

I hope you are enjoying the second week of classes and the new door decs! I thought it would be cool to have something like this for a door dec because it is always interesting to learn new things about other cultures. Now you can say you know how to spell winter in Chinese!


Thanksgiving door decs

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great thanksgiving weekend and got to spend some time with your family and got to eat a lot of good food and of course got to have some turkey. I also hope you enjoy the thanksgiving themed door decs of pilgrim hats to remember our past and how they brought new traditions and how it changed how we celebrate thanks giving today.


Peterson Farm Bro’s!!!

If you guys missed it Sunday night in velsey commons one of the Peterson farm brothers came to platteville to give a presentation about farming and agriculture. This was a great way for people who didn’t know much about farming to ask questions and also through there youtube parody videos you got to see around there farm and see what goes on. If you want to go check out the Peterson brothers different social media pages and look at there videos I have a picture which has all the links to there social media pages. Also thank you to the residents who did come I hope you had a great time and enjoyed the presentation!


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