Bugs are friends not enemies.

With the spring season almost here, the critters and bugs are starting to come out. Most people don’t like bugs but did you know that they’re super crucial to our environment? They help pollinate flowers and plants, they help aerate the soil and help things grow like crops and other plants. For more information to learn about why bugs are so important check out the website below. But for now enjoy your new door decs!



Help save the Lorax!

No not actual loraxs, but we wanted to use this same concept, but for the earth we live on today, which I think we can agree is pretty important. Going along with the popular children’s book Lorax, this board give you helpful and neat tips on how you can help the environment and little things you can do to save energy and also even save yourself some money, go check it out!

Low budget Halloween party!

Thanks to Alex for hosting the low budget Halloween party. This was a super awesome event thanks to you all for bringing down your awesome costumes and showing off those killer fort nite dances for the tie breaker for third place.

S/O to Isaac, Courtney, and Ashley for bringing down those awesome costumes and saving money and using your resources that you have around your suite to make a low budget environmentally friendly costume!

Where are you at?

Thank you all for use your where am I door decs. These are very useful for me so if I need to get ahold of you I can easily see where you’re at. And same goes for me as well if you are looking for me it is a great way to find out where I’m at from a quick glance at my door! Not only is this handy for you and me but it is also helping the environment! These were just some extra paint chips a resident had laying around that they gave me for a project instead of me just throwing them out so it just goes to show that with some creativity you can get some good use out of things laying around your room instead of throwing them away or recycling them. Have a great weekend everyone!

Whats all the buzz about???

Come and check out the new board about bee’s! This board even features officer Osborne who is a bee keeper. You can learn a lot of different things from this board such as bee anatomy, why bee’s are important to the eco system, and what would happen if there wasn’t any bee’s. It is a very interesting board and looks pretty cool too!!!

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Recycling Board!

Come check out the new recycling board! It has a bunch of fun facts and trivia questions, where you can lift up the page to reveal the answer! There is also is information to learn about the different numbers inside the recycling symbols. I encourage you to check it out and learn something new about recycling and plastics.


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