Cookie Decorating

Along with painting with Bob, Michaela had a cookie decorating event. This was a really fun event, not only cause you got to decorate cookies, but you also got to eat cookies and also explain why you decorated the way that you did and also explain how it represents you. Thank you everyone for joining and decorating cookies!



Whats your sign??

Hi everyone. Go and check out the new board by the elevator and learn more about your sign which can tell you about your identity and give you more information about what that sign means. It is super simple, you just need to find which symbol has your birthday in its range. For example my zodiac sign is cancer. Go and see what your sign is!


Variety Show

Thursday night Becca, Aj, Autumn, and I participated in the variety show and tried to get Southwest Hall some homecoming points! Everyone was laughing either at us or with us be regardless we had a good time.


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